CFD-FCMD Leadership

Dr Adegbembo


Dr Albert Adegbembo

As the former president of the Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry, Dr. Adegbembo has intimate knowledge of Canada’s political and economic landscape. For more than ten years he led dental public health initiatives in PEI as a Senior Consultant. Under his leadership, dental programs were developed that have had a positive impact on the quality of oral health care for PEI residents. His publications speak to solutions for improving access to quality care in Canada. As Chair of the Canadian Federation of Dentistry, he is addressing the labour challenges that face the profession, and continues to bring solutions to reducing barriers to access to care. 

Kate Bartz

CFD-FCMD President

Kate Bartz

Kate Bartz is a dynamic leader with a passion for empowering women and building strong communities, both in person and online. With her entrepreneurial spirit, she has joined the Canadian Federation of Dentistry in the role of their inaugural President. Kate's background in politics, education, and performance coaching has equipped her with a unique perspective on the power of collaboration and the importance of representation in decision making processes. Her devotion to empowering women shines through in her relentless pursuit of promoting gender equality and fostering inclusiveness in all her endeavours.